South Hill Designs Bracelet, full of Me!

South Hill Designs Bracelet, full of Me!

South Hill Designs Bracelet, full of Me! Close Up (2)

When I joined South Hills Designs, one of the biggest points is actually the essence of what this company offers. The chance to tuck memories into a locket in the form of a charm.

Now, I spotted the bracelet immediately, and knew I had to have it. I love the shape of the face, and it is very slender, yet doesn’t feel flimsy in any way shape or form!

As you can see from my photos, it is see through totally, and because I’m unfortunately sporting a burn on my wrist, I decided to properly fill this with charms, so that there was no chance of burn showing through!

And as the title suggests, this is full of me.

South Hill Designs Bracelet, full of Me! Close Up (1)

Scissors – because I am a crafter and they look just like my papersnips!

Rainbow – because this is my 3 year old’s favourite song (Do sing along… “red and yellow and pink and green. Orange and purple and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!”) He loves it! Actually, I love it too, and it’s just so very ‘us’ right now that it had to go in!

Crystal Butterfly – because we plan to make syrup butterfly feeders this weekend to see if we can attract some to our garden!

Ichthys Fish – because I’m not afraid of my faith.

Jet Black Crystal and Purple Velvet Crystal – because this week I am loving working with these two colours in my Stampin’ Up! life!

Octagonal Montana and Octagonal Crystal – because they’re beautiful. That is all!

So I have been wearing my bracelet all week, and my 2 younger sons tend to climb onto my lap in the afternoon and evening, and both of them (age 3 and 5) have been totally fascinated by it. As we know, Jacob referred to my locket last week as being “full of treasure”, well Oliver is entranced! He immediately spotted the rainbow and began to sing the song! So precious!

I love how this is a talking point for me with my children, and how people are curious as to what it is I’m wearing.

I would love to hear what you would put inside a locket or bracelet

Sam x

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Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico

If you’d like to make your own personalised locket, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you! 


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