South Hill and Stampin’ Up! on Sunday!!

South Hill and Stampin’ Up! on Sunday!!

South Hill and Stampin' Up! Sunday Locket

It’s that time of the week again!

It’s where my two worlds merge and out of it comes a locket and a paper craft project!

But this week, it has gone bonkers! If you remember last week’s video, well, I put 23 inside it, because that’s how many I had in the team at that point. Well…. we are now at 38! That’s 15 people inside 7 days! And in fact, that’s 38 people in 23 days total!

So instead of putting my week inside a locket, I decided to make a locket inspired by a beautiful card I’d made (well, I think it’s beautiful!), and that was the basis.

Now you can go and find the card over on my Stampin’ Up! blog, but over here, well, we’re aaaaallll about the jewellery!

South Hill and Stampin' Up! Sunday Locket and Chain

So my locket ingredients are – Silver Tone Diamond Locket with the Rolo Chain and a Platinum Pearl Droplet to accent it. But inside, oh, it’s all grungy greys with a splash of hot pink! I have 15 of the Platinum Pearls in there, over a Large Silver Sunflower Screen, then I added the Vintage Rose, the Vintage Flower and the Vintage Silver Star before accenting with Birthstones for April, June and October.

South Hill and Stampin' Up! Sunday Locket Close Up

The overall effect is very much inspired by the card, so I do hope you’ll take a look at it too!

And of course, here is the short video for you!

Sam x

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Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico

If you’d like to make your own personalised locket, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you! 


  1. Hi Sam,
    I am a Stampin’ Up demo from Australia. I have been following your Pootlespapercraft blog for more than a year now (sounds like stalking doesn’t it?!) and take inspiration from your creations. Thank you! I joined Stampin’ Up as a lot of people do, to get discounted supplies. Why? I have also recently started my own soap making business which Is building slowly, and I wanted to make my own soap boxes and bags. I am signing up for a DBWS in a couple of weeks to launch myself into the business side of things as my enthusiasm for the products and company has been growing and growing, and my confidence as well (until I joined Stampin’ Up the only rubber stamps I had used were in an office!).

    Anyway, the reason for my long-winded introduction is that I have also fallen in love with South Hill products (well, I’m a girl – what can I say?). I would love to join, but I don’t just want to join anybody’s team. I want to join your team. :). I know that South Hill hasn’t come to Australia yet 😦 but when it does, I’m there! Is it too early to register my interest? Huh? Is it, is it?!


    • Awwww Gail, I love you! and thank you. I have a happy glow all about me right now!

      Firstly I am going to need to see these soaps! Love a hand made soap….!!

      Now my darling, we are hoping to be in Australia really soon, and I have quite a lot of ladies putting their name into my file to be the first contact, so I’m putting you in there too. As soon as I know, you’ll know xx

  2. I simply love the lockets you create, Sam! I have been a Pootles Papercraft follower for awhile now, mostly because you offer so many packaging ideas. I am also a soap maker, and I love how we are all part of an artisan community. I would so love to join the South Hill crew, but I simply do not have time. Therefore, I shall use it as my “go to” for gift giving, and I will keep stalking you here. I have attached a link to my soap business page on Facebook.

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