South Hill Designs – Brand new Party Plan company in the UK with a joining offer like never seen before

South Hill Designs – Start your Party Plan business, with an offer like never seen before!

South Hill Designs June Joining Offer

Imagine starting your own business with £/$200 investment in £/$200 worth of products.  It’s going to be a steady but slow build.

Now imagine starting your business with £/$200 investment in over £/$800 worth of products… So much more to share, so much more to show, so much more potential.

Now Imagine starting your business inside the fastest growing Direct Sales business, and imagine being one of the very first people to join. The potential and possibilities are endless.

Now, stop imagining, and start seeing that this is in fact, reality!

Okay, so we know that South Hill Designs’ start kit cost is a brilliant deal anyway – £191 ($199USD/$218CAD) with products worth over £500 ($500/$550CAD) and that’s just blooming amazing.

Actually, it’s really amazing as your starter kit does count towards the sales for your first promotion, whoop whoop!

But at the start of June, South Hill Designs put together a special offer for new artists, a special coin, screen and charm kit of the top 10 charms and 2 exclusive coin and screen.  That’s spectacular, and lucky artists!

But today, they sent the offer stratospheric!

Now, new artists who join between today and June 30th will ALSO get the top 50 (yes, FIFTY) charms FOR FREE!!!

That’s amazing, and in anyone’s currency, your starter kit that was around the 200 mark, is now worth over 800 dollars, Canadian dollars, sterling!!!!

I am so blown away by this, and it is amazing.

Just imagine how well your business is going to start by having even more products to show people and for them to experiment and put together locket ideas with!

I do have an incredible team, they’re based in the UK, USA and Canada, and watching them stretch their wings and fly is such a massive honour.  To be able to help someone start a business, and grow it, is the most amazing thing ever, and I truly love every minute of it.

I joined just 47 days ago. Yes, that’s one and a half months ago. My team is over 50 now, and in just 2 weeks time I am able to afford to fly, business seat, to America, spend 10 days out there enjoying time with our South Hill Designs Corporate Head Office Team, all without having to dip into savings.

What an amazing opportunity, and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Get in touch! You know me well enough by now (I hope!) to know that I’m always online and waiting to chat, and if you don’t know me that well yet… here’s to making your acquaintance!

Sam x

UK join HERE

Canada join HERE


Australia, Europe and Other Countries, please email me to be put into my call-first-when-we-open-there file….

Sam x


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