South Hill Designs in Quebec, Mexico and Dominican Republic!

South Hill Designs in Quebec, Mexico and Dominican Republic!

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In just a few short days, on August 4th, South Hill Designs is going to be opening in 3 new markets – Quebec Canada, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

As one of the first artists to join South Hill Designs in the UK, I know just want an exciting opportunity it is to be with a rapidly growing company in it’s very early days.

Like all companies, we cannot give you guaranteed income or figures, but what I can do is tell you my own story.

I joined South Hill Designs 4 weeks after it opened in the UK. I had promoted 3 times in 3 weeks and had grown my team to over 30 in those 3 weeks.  In 9 weeks, I had personally recruited 44 ladies into my team, not just here in the UK, but also in Canada and the USA and my whole team stood at 95 people in total.

What’s so exciting is that the opportunity is pretty unique.  It’s unusual for a new direct sales company to open, and being one of the first to join is just as rare.

However, while you may not be in one of those 3 countries, you could be in one of our 4 current markets (UK, Canada, USA and Puerto Rico), and it could be you that knows someone there… Imagine joining South Hills now, knowing that you have a team ready and waiting to join you.

So I shall end briefly by leaving a link to my FAQ page where you will find lots of information, but also a contact form for you if you wish to ask me any questions.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be on standby ready and waiting for August 4th to come around and then join up in the first minutes!


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