South Hill Designs – The Nanna/Grandma Locket

Pootles South Hill Designs – The Nanna/Grandma Locket

Pootles South Hill Designs Recruiting Promotion

I’m very excited to announce that South Hill Designs has a special joining offer coming very soon, so if you’re thinking about joining, stop thinking now! Get ready because from Thursday, this is going to blow your socks off!

Recruiting in the UK, USA, Canada and Quebec, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dominican Republic!

Pootles South Hill Designs - The Nanna Grandma Locket


One of the most beautiful gifts to give to someone is their family.

I’m blessed with 4 incredible sons, and my 2 older brothers have 3 and 1 son each.  That means that my Mum, who is known as Nanna to all our sons, has been presented with 8 wonderful grandsons who range in ages from 3 (Oliver, my youngest son) to 21 (Samuel, my eldest brother’s eldest son) and a myriad of ages in between.  Here’s the test of my own memory….

Samuel – 21, June

James – 15, March

Thomas – 13, March

Jack – 11, April

Luke – 9, July

Jacob – 6, September

Ben – 4, May

Oliver 3, April

So our Mum and Dad don’t have any granddaughters, but they do have wonderful relationships with all their grandsons.

And my locket today is one that would be ideal for any Nanna, Granny, Gran, Grandma out there.

I’ve taken the beautiful Rose Gold Vintage Oval Locket, added in the Large Family Tree Screen and then birthstones for all 8 of my sons and nephews.

As you can see from the list above, they’re all clustered together, with duplicates in March and April, but I did make sure to put a stone in for all 8 of them!

Now, you’d have thought that a little planning would have split the months up? Or maybe added in August to get a full run through…?

I hope you like it!

Sam x

Pootles South Hill Designs - The Nanna Grandma Locket close up

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Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada, Quebec, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

If you’d like to make your own personalised locket, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you! 

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