South Hill Designs – The Actor

South Hill Designs – The Actor

South Hill Designs - The Actor


When I put today’s combination together, I had just been having a conversation with my husband about a boy in our son Luke’s class.  Chris had been chatting to the Mum while watching the boys at football (soccer!) practice and she was telling Chris that her son had been an extra in lots of films and TV shows recently.

Like most things that happen in my life, my mind starts to wander and I will take inspiration from that; whether for a craft project or for a locket combination.

So today’s locket is born out of thinking of kids starting at drama school or perhaps landing their first TV show or something similar.

And of course, that means it includes some very ‘actor’ type things!

I have the Theatrical Mask in there of course, and the Clapboard from the movies. I decided to add 3 Stars as I know any decent dressing room would have a star on it…. I pondered the Wand for a while, and then decided that as we are heading into Panto season here, then that could be a definite one for those who get their chorus line start in the theatre that way. Finally I finished it with a the Live, Laugh, Love charm as really, that is what those who act do.

Oh and it’s all inside the Large Gold Locket with Crystals. Of course…

Sam x

South Hill Designs - The Actor close up

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