South Hill Designs – Last Day of Joining Offer PLUS EXTRAS

South Hill Designs – Last Day of Joining Offer PLUS EXTRAS

starter kit

Well today is the last day to join South Hill Designs with the incredible offer of a humungous discount on the Social Essentials starter kit.

For the same price as the Social Starter Kit, which has an incredible amount of extra products, you can get £860+ ($900USD/£CAD990) worth of products.

That’s amazing and so worth it!

The more products you have to display, the faster you’ll build and grow your business. And frankly, it’s a rapidly growing business opportunity anyway, this is just like fast track handed on a plate!

An incredible 34 ladies have joined the team since the offer started. They’re based in the UK, USA, Canada and Mexico, and they’re bringing in new people all the time. And our team is now at just under 200 people. Not bad for less than 9 months!!!

As a company that’s less than 2 years old from when it first started and opened in the USA, a little over 12 months in Canada and Puerto Rico, a mere handful of months in the UK, Mexico and Dominican Republic, it’s such a rare opportunity, I’m thrilled to not just be part of it, but also to be able to share with others too.

For those who know me, you know that I work my business around a family of 4 little boys age 11 down to just 3 years old, but also around another business and a husband who works shifts.

Trust me when I say, this fits around you, not the other way around!

I absolutely love what I do, I can’t imagine not doing it and while I wasn’t the first to join in the UK, I was about 6 weeks after South Hill Designs opened here, I am thrilled to share that I have been the Top Artist in the UK every month and placing in the Top 10 Director level globally each month, including one month when I was number 1!

I don’t share that to show off, but to show that anyone can do this. I have a crazy busy life, but it fits me, and I fit it.

So as today is the last day, and I’m thrilled to be headed to the South of England to attend a celebratory lunch with some of my team and our UK corporate team, I want to offer a quick bonus to you.

For this last day only, If you join with the Social Essentials kit, I will personally send you a Locket Ring AND a Mini Silver Tone Locket.  (worth £63.30/ $66USD/ $72.6CAD)

I have chosen these as they are incredibly popular, but not in the kit, and I’m all in favour of giving you as much as possible to help start!

So go!


Join now and be part of the Dazzling Diamonds, our crazily, fabulous, hugely supportive International South Hill Designs Team!

CLICK HERE! And don’t forget to Flip the Flag to choose your country!!!


South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit... 1 South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit... South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit...2 South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit...3 South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit...4 South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit...5 South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit...6 South Hill Designs - The Social Essentials Kit...7

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Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada, Quebec, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

If you’d like to make your own personalised locket, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you! 

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