South Hill Designs – FREE JEWELLERY! (and a passionate post about me!)

South Hill Designs – FREE JEWELLERY!

South Hill designs joining offer!

Okay, we all love a freebie, and when South Hill Designs announced an incredible joining offer for May, I whooped out loud!

I’ll do the quick nitty gritty of what you get, then let me tell you my story…

So you have 3 options to join (2 in the UK)

You could choose the Social Intro, Social Starter or Social Essentials Kit (Essentials not available in the UK) depending on budget.

The Social Essentials Kit currently has an amazing $50/$55CAD off it, but only for the limited period of this offer (until June 2nd)

However, whichever kit you choose, you will automatically join our 100 Days to Success programme (as do all new joiners) and with this, you’re rewarded with free jewellery packs as you progress.

The first of which has been doubled to give you £280/$300 of FREE JEWELLERY!

That’s incredible! To be fair, it’s an amazing programme anyway, and pretty much all my team have earned their 100 Days to Success gifts.

So what do you think? Amazing or what!!!

And even more, the beautiful exclusive wrap in the middle of the photo is being gifted to me when someone joins, but actually, I’m going to gift it to you instead. So even more amazing stuff!

Well a little more about my story. It’s coming up to my 1st anniversary this weekend and that year has flown by.

I joined for the love of the beautiful lockets and charms and was entranced by the idea of creating a unique necklace that was totally personal to me. However, my own life isn’t simple enough to put into one locket. I’m a Mum. I’m a wife. I’m a daughter. A business woman. A makeup artist. A crafter. A cat lover. A fan of red (hair, clothes, lipstick, anything!) I’m so many things. So much more than one locket could hold and that’s what brought me to the decision to join.

I believe you have to want a product for yourself before you embark on joining a direct selling company, and trust me, I wanted the jewellery. Oh so badly! And I have it!

With over 210 ladies (and a chap!) in my team who are based in the UK, Canada, USA and Mexico, I’m thrilled that so many others have taken up the idea of these amazing unique lockets and are building their own businesses too.

As a Mum, and a busy one with 4 small sons, and a husband who works shifts, working in a 9-5 job is something I haven’t done in many many years. Fortunately my children don’t get ill particularly often, but when one goes down, they all go down, usually taking Chris and myself with them. As a former employer, I know how hard it is to get staffing cover for if someone goes sick or needs to take time off to look after children, and as my own boss, I’m the only one to cover!

I love that just yesterday I was able to take the morning off to visit the hairdresser (yes, it’s redder than ever!) and then take the afternoon off to take my eldest son to his Parent’s Evening.

I didn’t have to take any annual leave. Nor did I take unpaid leave. I just took the time off.

However, with the benefit of working for myself comes an incredible financial freedom. I earn more than the national average full time wage, yet it’s on my terms. I work the hours that I want. I work the days that I want. I answer to no-one (well, perhaps to my team, but they’re all fabulous!). It’s not a me me me situation, but one that fits the modern Mum of the modern age.

We all have unique situations at home, and few of us are identical. Alongside my South Hill Designs business, I have another successful direct sales business.

If you were to choose the ‘ideal’ person for party plan and direct sales, there really isn’t one. Looking at myself, if you looked me 12 months ago, with 4 little boys, the youngest only just turned 3, the shift working husband, the constant journeys in the car to take children to and from 3 different schools 3 times a day, the already very successful business, then you’d never even consider asking me to join another company. I outwardly appear to have precisely zero time in the world, but I do. I have time for something that I love. Time to share a product that I’m incredibly passionate about. Time to work on the dreams of buying a bigger house. Time to demonstrate to my sons that a strong working woman who puts their needs first while earning a living is a good thing. Time to be here when my husband has a day off. Time to talk with inspiring women in my team who are changing their lives along with those around them.

I have all the time in the world for that.

Do you?

If you love the lockets, what do you have to lose? You will get hundreds of ££/$$s of free products in your starter kit anyway, and then the world is your oyster.

It may just change your life like it has mine.

I am excitedly waiting to help you start on your journey, so my phone is primed and ready with plenty of power in the battery! My email is set to ‘loud’ alert, and I’m here.

If you’ve already been thinking about this or we’ve already been talking, stop thinking. Just do it!

Click below to go to the special page just for you!







Shop now in the UK, USA, Canada or contact me direct!

Sam xx

shop online 247

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Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada, Quebec, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

If you’d like to make your own personalised locket, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you!

Sam x


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