South Hill Designs Inspire Conference

South Hill Designs Inspire Conference

Oh my goodness! Well I’ve been home a little over a week now and I’m pleased to say that the jet lag has now abated. I thought I was over it after just a couple of days and then it kicked in big time over the weekend! I guess sleeping all the following day after arriving home was just a good excuse to sleep and was a bit of a placebo for a day or two!

However, jet lag aside, it was worth the 20+ hours of flying it took to get there and back.

Getting together with other like minded Artists is inspiring in itself, but when it’s coupled with the most amazing presentations by key notes speakers, Direct Sales coaches and our own corporate staff, it’s just a mind blowing experience.

Some of my team flew out with me, and one made it across from the East Coast. 3 were unable to make it at the very last minute though, and they were very much missed, as was the rest of the team.

We had a raft of information, including loads of new products.  We have amazing new business tools to help us co-ordinate our own product displays.

And super dooper exciting, the Starter Kits have been overhauled.  They still include the same line up of products, ie, a set number of lockets/chains/charms/accessories etc, however, they are now being put together to create different looks. so you’d get a kit that had a group of graphite products, a selection of gold, some rose gold and a group of silver.  So that the second you join and receive your kit, you’re able to create a whole wardrobe of looks immediately.

I’m so excited by this, and can’t wait to see the first ones being received. Are you having one???!!!

We had an awards ceremony and because last year I was just 2 months into my life as an Artist, I don’t really remember much of it, so I was stunned to be recognised in 7 different categories!

I spent much of my time on stage quite bewildered as to why I was there, and in some of the photos shown below, you can see the VP of Sales and the 2 owners of the company having to tell me what I’d achieved!!

Here goes!

Achieving the 100 Days to Success starter programme. (I love this, you will too!)

Achieving particular sales during a 4 month period

A Top Seller

Promoting to Director (4 promotion titles)

I placed 6th with our team’s Total Group Sales

I took the number 1 spot as a new Director with the most new recruits

Which then followed with the number 1 spot over all with the most new recruits!

I had 52 people join me in the last 10 months (they have a funny achievement period) and overall, in my last 14 months, nearly 100.

Watching my team grow and build has been the biggest achievement for me though and I’m endlessly delighted with how they pick up the baton and just run with it.

So I shall leave you with some photos of our time out in Arizona, and perhaps I’ll be speaking to you soon to start your business.

Just over a year ago, I was sat where you are right now, on the cusp of something life changing!

S xx


  1. Congratulations Sam!! You so deserve all your awards. I hope you have another fabulous South Hill Design year xx Marian

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