South Hill Designs – UK Exclusive Joining Offer

South Hill Designs – UK Exclusive Joining Offer

UK Joining Offer

Hold the Phone!!! We have a UK Exclusive Joining Offer for South Hill Designs!

for more information text SHD INFO to 07957 285 274

Join in the next 30 days with the Social Starter kit and get 50 Free charms. And when you promote to your first title inside 30 days, not only do you get the usual £144 of free charms, South Hill Designs is going to credit your account with a further £100!!!! Plus, your kit carries sales of £159, so you’re already a huge chunk of the way to your promotion!!!!

Start your business in time to cover the Christmas rush and start 2016 with a head start. Don’t waste the chance to join something amazing. This opportunity lets you create and experience with your hosts and their guests. It’s an interactive party, not a passive observation. A play party if you will!
Can’t wait to talk to you more. I have been the Top Artist in the UK every month since we opened and currently am the Top Enroller Globally. My team is amazing, I work for them to make their businesses grow, not the other way around….!

Sam x


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