South Hill Designs – Amazing Joining Offer!

South Hill Designs – Amazing Joining Offer!

south hill designs with pootles joining offer for december

Only for the month of December, South Hill Designs are giving you a great gift in your starter kit when you join!

And we all love an extra Christmas present don’t we….

Whether you want to build a business, make a little extra money or simply shop for your own jewellery needs, South Hill Designs is perfect.

I have the best of both worlds as I have a great business and an amazing jewellery collection. You could too!

With the free gift valued at £50.80/$53USD/$63.50CAD/$1051MX it’s worth it for that alone!

My team is in the UK, USA, Canada and Mexico. Yes, I cover all 4 of our country markets, and with over 100 people having joined me directly in the last 18 months and almost 300 into my whole team, we are a great, strong team together. Be part of it! You know you want to!

S x

Shop now in the UK,USA,Canada,Mexico or contact me direct if you’re outside those countries!


shop online 247

join my team




Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Number 1 Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada, Quebec, Mexico and Puerto Rico

If you’d like to make your own personalised locket, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you!

Sam x

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