Joining South Hill Designs – Frequently Asked Questions

 Joining South Hill Designs. Frequently Asked Questions

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These are some of the most frequent questions I’m asked by people considering joining my team and South Hills Designs, so I felt it might be useful to have them all here!

They are in no particular order, but as an accumulation of the most regularly asked ones in the order that they came to my memory!


I live in the US, can I join your team?

Yes! I can have artists in my team who are in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the UK where I am personally based.

Do I have monthly Sales Minimums to meet.?

You cannot ‘drop’ through inactivity.  South Hill Designs refers to ‘Active’ in terms of actively selling, but if you want to take 6 months off, go on a cruise, have a baby, whatever, as long as you continue to pay for the dotcom shop (£9.95 a month), you will not drop.  Basically, unless you stop that payment and say you don’t want to do it anymore, you will always be an artist.

However, as you build a team, to get downline overrides, the blanket amount, across the board, no matter how high the tree you go, is $500USD per month, which is £400 retail  per month. But even if you have an enormous team (I have over 200 people in my downline), you still only have to meet that low minimum, and you actually get commission on all your levels when you get to the top 3 levels, not just the first 5.

What are the monthly costs?

There are no quarterly or monthly costs other than maintenance of the website which is £9.95. It’s fab as we don’t actually have to do anything, it’s all auto linked including for people to join, buy, host, and comes direct to us

 Can we Cash and Carry items?

You can absolutely Cash and Carry!  A lot of artists will work at craft fayres, and they will build lockets with people then and there, who are able to take it home, so yes, Cash and Carry is fine. It is known as buying ‘wholesale’, and is essentially like buying at demo discount, but it’s marked up as Cash and Carry, and gets the same discount.

What happens to my team if I don’t meet my minimums?

If you build a team and don’t meet the minimums, you just don’t get commission from them that month. Nothing other than that! You retain your title, but just not the money that month.

How much are the catalogues to buy as an Artist?

£4.80 for 10 catalogues. An excellent price for an essential business tool.

What price do we buy jewellery at?

And we buy at 80% of retail value

What can you do for me as my upline.

I am a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! and I have 130 direct SU demos and a large downline. I keep in touch daily via a private facebook group, monthly newsletters (unless something urgent comes up!) and one to one phone calls.  They are an amazing bunch and I am loving watching them grow, promote and succeed!

With my South Hills Design team which is over 200, I immediately set up a team group for us on facebook, which is working very well. I’m able to keep in touch with them all daily, and as all my levels are in my group, we all benefit from the same daily input and conversation.  I like having the daily interaction with my teams, and find it as inspiring for me to watch them and see them grow as it is for them to watch and learn from one another as well as me.

In short though, I will give you as much as you want from me. I don’t believe in ‘generic’ training of a team. Of course, there are certain types of basic training you need (how to host a party, how to network), but beyond that, every person is different and needs something different, so I prefer to work one to one with everyone, and therefore they get exactly what they want from me, rather than the frustration of not quite learning all that they want, and perhaps stuff they don’t need to know!

Can I join you, or do I have to join someone local to me.

Of course, you can join me, geography isn’t relevant in this age of modern technology, and I am always honoured when someone seeks me out to join my team! Both my Stampin’ Up! and South Hills Design teams are scattered all over the UK, this works very will with the interaction as above. Plus I have large teams in Canada, Mexico and the US.

I live in the US and want to join your team, but I want to know how you do your artist training.

As I said above, with my non local team members, we keep in touch on a one to one basis, and with my overseas team members, Skype is a great way to do this. As an upline, and a Mum, my working day isn’t set to ‘office hours’, so I always find a time that’s mutually suitable for both of us, no matter where in the world you are!

 How much commission do we earn?

We earn a minimum of 20% commission which rises to 40% depending on volume. I have a detailed commission structure that I would be happy to go through with you, as it takes into consideration bonus commissions of team sales and volume rebate too.

Sam x

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Sam Donald

South Hill Designs Independent Artist – UK, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico

If you’d like any of the gorgeous jewellery, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with South Hill Designs directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining South Hill Designs and want to join my team of  I’d most definitely like to hear from you! 


    • You certainly could. And you could ask friends and family to share the catalogue too as they may pick up a few orders too. But as there’s no minimum to stay active, it could definitely be a hobby. X

      • How exciting!!! Yay!! There’s no minimum length of time for the dot com fee either! South Hill Designs doesn’t believe in pressure (neither do I!), so it’s a very relaxed company that genuinely believes that it’s your business so you work to suit you x

  1. Hello Sam, I am in NSW Australia, I am really interested in buying some of your fabulous lockets, do you cover us out here?

    Just love your cards and pootlespaper craft site, keep up the good work… I have many happy memories of our holidays at our caravan in ST Asaph, before emigrating here in ’87
    love and light, Hazel

    • I would love to know if you cover Australia too, whether it be to buy and/or join your team. I know you did say you cover Canada,Mexico and other cities but how about Australia. ..😕
      I will be VERY bummed out if your not able to take on people from Australia.
      I absolutely love everything that you do, I’m a SU demo myself and watch all of your tutorials on YouTube. You’re an absolute inspiration to us all..

      Keep on smiling,

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